Greenmarck Management GmbH &
Greenmarck Fund Solutions GmbH

Liquidation management for real estate fund managers


We take over shares in German and foreign special-purpose vehicles of regulated and unregulated real estate fund managers. After the divestiture of the real estate and other assets held by a special-purpose vehicle, there is usually no need to continue the special-purpose vehicle. Instead of a time-consuming liquidation that can sometimes take many years, we acquire the special-purpose vehicles from the real estate fund management company by means of a true sale and keep them running as our own responsibility or ensure their professional, cost-effective and swift liquidation.


Our clients are real estate funds, real estate fund managers, insurance companies, institutional investors and other investors.


The goal of our clients is to no longer tie down management capacities into supervising, liquidating, accounting and reporting to investors. Thus, the shares in the target companies are sold to us by way of a true sale. We keep an acquired special-purpose vehicle running (under a new name if so requested) or wind it up professionally and swiftly as our own responsibility.

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